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*These pictures are provided by our Adorable Cavalier Families and do not belong to Adorable Cavaliers of Southern California.*



If I could give Lisa and Nicole 10 stars I would!

When I came across Adorable Cavaliers of Southern California, I wasn't really looking for a puppy, as I had recently lost my heart and soul dog.

But a puppy caught my eye, and so I thought it wouldn't hurt to fill out the puppy application for when I was ready.

I got a personal call from Lisa and we spoke for well over an hour. It was so obvious that she and her daughter Nicole genuinely love Cavaliers, and do EVERYTHING they can to improve the bloodlines of this amazing breed. The extensive testing alone is such an investment!
Though they do have a waitlist, this little guy must have been meant for me because he did not have anyone waiting on him. That being said, expect to wait if you're looking for specific requests. From the moment I put down my deposit Nicole made sure to keep me updated on my puppy every week. On Sundays I received pup pics, weight, activities that the puppies were being introduced to, feeding updates, etc. And I also received a weekly email that is meant to help new puppy parents prepare to bring their little fur baby home. All their dogs and puppies are on a raw diet, which again speaks to how valued and cherished these dogs are to them. They are truly family members.
When I was able to go for my first visit, Lisa was kind enough to let me come on a weekday as I work on weekends. She also spent hours with me, and I mean hours :) since I had driven over 4 hours to visit. Their house, yard and puppy area is impeccable! Absolutely spotless.

We played with the puppies outside in the playpen and I really got to spend time with momma and her beautiful litter of babies. Momma (Jewel) was cautious about a new person playing with her babies, but sweet and clearly well loved, as were all the other cavaliers there.
Lisa and Nicole made the entire process seamless and easy. I had a very bad experience with a breeder in the past, where the conditions the dogs and puppies were living in was disturbing, so I was hesitant to try a breeder again. The comparison was so stark. Really there was no comparison.

Lisa and Nicole are excellent and their love for the breed shows in everything they do.
It was a real joy to work with these two ladies and

I cannot recommend them enough!

Kristy via Google Reviews

Lisa and Nicole are a power duo.

They love their puppies so much and the work they put in for them is astounding.

Owen via Google Reviews

Bowie (aka Denali)

I had the absolute best experience with Adorable Cavaliers of Southern California. Lisa and Nicole are amazing and care so deeply for the puppies and their parents. They are very helpful and give you tons of information, so you are extremely prepared when it is time to bring your puppy home. I appreciated that they have a wait list, they will have an extensive phone call with you a few weeks after the puppies are born, and required you to meet your pup before bringing him/her home. It made me feel so much better that really make sure their puppies are going to loving homes. Having Bowie home has been a dream so far. I highly highly recommend Adorable Cavaliers of Southern California to anyone and everyone.

Paige via Google Reviews

Nicole and Lisa are amazing! The whole process of getting your puppy is a fine tune machine, starting with the placement phone call to informative emails and chats, and of course the puppy visits. Even after my puppy came home, they were reaching out with care and full of advice for the transitional period between houses. You can tell that they truly care for every single dog that they have bred and it’s truly comforting to know that they are one text away! My puppy is already sleeping through the night and potty box trained! Thank you so much Lisa and Nicole, Oliver has brought so much joy to our family!

Erika via Google Reviews

Oliver (Zion)

I could not speak highly enough about our family's overall experience with Adorable Cavaliers- you will both find the most loving puppy, but also love the process. When I reached out to Nicole & Lisa, they immediately responded and we had a wonderful conversation. I have an 8 year old daughter, and it was wonderful for her to be able to meet and play with our new puppy (Paddington) before bringing him home. It allowed her think of a name, pick out toys and get our home ready. More importantly, Adorable Cavaliers provides a loving, "family-focused" environment for the puppies. The benefit is that you bring home a loving and well-adjusted puppy! (do not take this for granted!). Paddington was well loved and we have seen that in our first week at home. He is loving with our family (he loves to be held), is playful yet gentle, puts himself into his crate when he wants to rest, and has been loving to our friends. Practically speaking, he is also almost fully potty-trained (he had just a single accident if his first week home).

If you are looking for a Cavalier, look no further - Adorable Cavaliers is like your extended family and there is no one who could take better care of your little fur baby while he/she is getting ready to come home to you.

Kimberly via Google Reviews

We had been looking for a Cavalier for over a year and after searching, forever it seemed, until we found Adorable Cavaliers. They are the most amazing breeders with extensive knowledge about the breed, care, and proper nutrition.

We had an amazing experience with them from the start, all of our questions were answered in a timely manner and they are fantastic with all the educational materials before we brought our puppy home! They gave us photo and video updates on the progress of our puppy which made it so fun seeing how she was growing and really kept us involved with her in the first few weeks. By the time she was ready to come home we were fully prepared!

I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a responsible Cavalier breeder who makes you feel like family!

Thank you again for taking such great care of our newest family member!

Amanda via Google Reviews

Elvis & Ringo

We had a wonderful experience with Adorable Cavaliers of Southern California. Lisa and Nicole clearly care about their puppies (and their parents) and do a great job getting new puppy parents all of the information they need to take care of their new little ones. We were on the waitlist for a couple of months (which actually made us feel better that we weren't dealing with someone disreputable who was just trying to grab out money). We had a visit with the pups (we got two!!) once they were old enough, so they wouldn't be going home with strangers! During our visit Lisa and Nicole walked us through a lot of great information regarding types of food and other items to ensure that our new boys have nice long, healthy lives. I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for a Cavalier puppy!

Colleen via Google Reviews

Prince Charming

Lisa and Nicole are the BEST! They LOVE all their CKCSs and only provide puppies to parents who love their’s the same. They are full of knowledge about CKCSs. They welcome you into their home weekly (after 6wks of age) to visit your new puppy and provide you with weekly updates and pictures of your new baby. We were lucky enough to get exactly the sex and coloring we were looking for two times in a row. We can not recommend them enough to anyone looking for a CKCS. They are always only a text away with answers to all your questions. We are looking forward to play dates with Jewels, Ginger, Hunter, Charlie, Lily and Belle. If you are reading this you must be looking for a Cavalier and I hope you are lucky enough to be able to get a puppy from Adorable Cavaliers.

Kelly via Google Testimonial Form

Lisa & Nicole had an excellent operation providing for visits to our new pup until she was ready to come home. We really felt involved with the whole process and were impressed w/ the techniques & diet they used for the litter of pups. Very happy with our new addition to the family. She even came home to us potty-trained!

Jeff via Google Reviews

Mommy and Riley (Jett).jpg

Fantastic experience. The breeders (Lisa and Nicole) breed their Cavaliers for the love of the breed and not for the money. They scrutinize and vet the new parents of their puppies very carefully and I loved that about them. Even though we are in a Covid pandemic, they encouraged us to visit our puppy every weekend, so we can bond with him, of course socially distance and mask up were required. I highly recommend them for your next Cavalier puppy.

Lenny via Google Reviews

I want to thank Lisa and Nicole for being terrific and caring breeders.  They were wonderful to work with and were always available to answer our questions. We loved the process of adopting our Cavalier from them, that we recommended two of our friends to them.

Stephanie via Facebook Messages

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