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For you to have an Adorable puppy of your own, you will need to be on our waitlist. 
To be added, please click on the button below and complete the Puppy Application. 

We require that we meet all families at least once before the puppy can be picked up so you will need to keep this in mind and plan accordingly.


What is the Cost of Our Adorable Puppies?

Our puppies are $5,000 and sold with limited AKC Registration. Their parents are OFA certified and DNA tested (see Dams & Sire pages). 


Once you have selected a puppy, a $500.00 non-refundable, non-transferable deposit is required to hold your puppy until he or she is 9 weeks old and ready to go home. 

What Comes with Our Adorable Puppies?

Our puppies go home microchipped with a care package, which includes: medical and vaccination records, AKC packet, Trupanion Go Home Offer, Viva Raw Turkey & Beef for Puppies (one package), Real Dog Box samples (spleen, heart, liver), NuVet samples, potty pellets, blanket with littermates/mommy's scent, and a puppy toy. 

Our puppies are fed an AAFCO complete and balanced raw food (Small Batch and Viva Raw). We do not feed our puppies any kibble or highly processed foods/treats. In collaboration with a Certified Canine Nutritionist, Hannah Zulueta, we developed a puppy nutritional guide to provide to our Adorable puppy families. 

Jett as a Puppy.png

Where Our Adorable Puppies grow up?

Our puppies are born and grow up in a home full of Cavaliers who love to play and cuddle with them. We are a family of four, three of whom are retirees, so there is always someone home to give the puppies all of the love and attention that they need/deserve.

For their first four weeks of life, they live only a few steps away from our beds. Once they are four to five weeks old, we transition them to our living room/kitchen so they are in the main part of the family area. At six weeks old, we introduce them to our outdoor play area, which is where they will meet their forever families for the first time (during a puppy visit). 


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